New Business

Dreaming of starting a business? A.R Consulting will walk you through the administrative business maze all the way to a fully functional and efficient office

Business "MakeOver"

Ever asked yourself why has my business not growing as it should  "what am I doing wrong"? A.R Consulting will guide you and put you back on the right path

Ongoing Adminstrative Support

Provide ongoing expert administrative support to facilitate an organized and successful operation

Administrative Guidance

According to the Small Business Adminstration  (SBA), the average business owner spends between 40 to 60% on administrative work. Whether you are a considering a new business or already run a business you need an efficient & functional office. A.R Consulting offers a unique services to existing & new business owners.


New & Existing companies: 

Evaluate business need & create or modify as necessary a customized administrative system tailored specifically to the different types of businesses.

Create all needed forms OR utilize software if possible

Create client / supplier database

Create accounting system

Train new employees as necessary

On-Going Administrative Support

Maintain updated records

Maintain client / suppliers files

Project Support

What Clients Say

"Great experience, Amazing results”

I decided to hire Adi (A.R Consulting) as a consultant after realizing I spend too much time on administration work rather than promoting my business. Adi listened to what I need and offered the right and ideal solutions for me and made them happen! I’m on the right track now, Thank you!

R. William OR Valuations Services Inc.